Hi There, I'm Cyn, the founder of CYNJO. I'm not very good at using fancy big words, but here's our story :)

After graduated from Bachelor of Fine Art in Miami International University of Art & Design, I, the Visual Artist & Designer, started to wonder what I can do with my professions to contribute to this world. I always have a heart for dogs since I was little. While pursuing the dream of becoming a designer, my sweet loving dogs, Jojo (westie) & Corona (Golden Retriever) have always been the greatest inspiration of my artworks. And with the support of my husband, Jo, we quickly jump into an industry that surely involves tons of dogs. We opened a pet boutique named CYNJO, and even got into grooming. However, I have soon found out, this wasn't the path I was seeking for.

Photos of CYNJO Pet Boutique

I was a little lost but surely not defeated. My husband and I decided to travel back to Taiwan, where I was born and raised. And here's how things started to get interesting! With our family's help, we built a 7 acre dog water park with huge grass area for dog to run freely and a pet restaurant & bar. We named it after our beloved dogs. We put together Jojo & Corona's name, and there goes "Jorona Park". In the park, you can have a nice drink and meal while watching your paw buddy having fun in the dog pool and enjoys the healthy homemade dog meal. Once they are done with all that grass rubbing and mud digging, you can use our self-pet wash station to clean them up. Or if you are not a fan of doing so, there's also professional groomer on site to give your dog a relaxing spa-like bath. It is certainly the most amazing thing that we have accomplished so far. With only one & half year of time, we quickly built up a huge fan base in Taiwan. Jorona Park has been up and running since January, 2015.

Photos of Jorona Park

But that is not enough, my passion for art and design is telling me to do more. So I started to wonder what I can do with the brand name, CYNJO, that we have established back in Miami. It didn’t take me long to convince myself to make it a dog-related home good brand. Moreover, a “customized dog-related home good brand”.

For us, the word "Brand" is a collaboration of creativities, fun projects, and customer relations. We provide one on one customization service, which allows our customers to summit hooman and pets' photos and I will draw them out in either cartoonish figures or photo realism styles. Now while we are still on our way to perfection, feel free to enjoy all those cuteness overloaded artworks that I have done. And if you would like to have one for yourself, just ask, we’d love to customize it for you :)

Photos of CYNJO Custom Drawings